Everything you need to know about Firearm safety

TX Conceal & Carry offers instruction in firearm proficiency and safety. If you do plan on attending a firearms training course, we advise you to wear eye and ear protection, a hat, a non-collared shirt, and closed-toe shoes. The following are the classes and services currently available.

Note: Anyone in the state of Texas is eligible for the online LTC course. Our course has been approved by the State of Texas.

Online LTC Course – Holiday Sale

$49 $35

  • Access to online course modules
    • Module 1 – Laws & Deadly Force
    • Module 2 – Handgun use and safety
    • Module 3 – Non-violent dispute resolution
    • Module 4 – Handgun Storage
  • Up to 3 chances to pass LTC Course Exam

Gift the knowledge about firearm safety